Working with The Universe Laws


This is a one day seminar which is design in an attempt to bridge the gap between where you are currently and where you want to be in future by developing a clear understanding about the natural laws of the universe (God).


Everything we see in this universe, including ourself , is nothing but the expression of an infinite power. This power forever flowing into and through us. Scientists will tell you that everything is energy and our religious thinker says everything is Spirit.

There is a power which permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the cosmos, and that everything we see around us is an expression of that power. The power operates in a very precise manner, which is generally called law. According to Dr. Raymond Holliwell, “I shall call God working in our lives ‘Law.’ “

As we strive to work with this Law, we are living closer to God, and such living brings a better understanding to live a better life.


Working with The Universe Laws is an expanded in-depth one day seminar on seventeen Laws of the Universe. It is created to help you understand how these laws affect our results. This seminar will give you a detail information about how to live in harmony with these God’s Law.


Remember this,  no matter what level of understanding or education do we have, all the universal laws already effecting our life and governing our results. When we understand and apply these laws of the universe; we move beyond our limitation and we think a thought that are in harmony with these laws which produce the results we desire to live a better than good life.

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