Ashok Todmal – MLM Networker – Pune – India

I am glad to share here my view, myself Ashok Todmal from pune Maharashtra. I am a professional networker and I have a 9 years of  network marketing experience. I have achieved many of my dreams from MLM industry only because I have a life time learning attitude and a quality education training programmes available in the network marketing industries.

Since 2007 until the end of 2016, I have invested my time in many offline and online training’s  but it is when I have attended Mr. Raj Sharma sir’s two days Mind Power Seminar in pune; I was really very surprised for everything about knowledge, about power point presentation. I have never seen such a  PPT. During these two days I have learned so much from you. Really I am very happy with the results and outcome of that two  days training. I am using all the information and thoughts  of your training in all the corners of my life. I really salute you sir. I will use your information and knowledge in my whole life-like some of them you taught us …

Without your permission no one can hurt you,

You can ask anything from the universe and achieve it,

God is the creator and we are the co-creator,

You have a choice you can choose the thoughts and

To remove and to avoid other people negative thoughts say yourself many times Change-Cancel-Delete-Next and replace with opposite positive thoughts…and many more

I have learned all these from you and it is really a very powerful knowledge and information for my success and growth.

I have attended your seminar twice  with my family and a team of my 100 plus leader. I also would like to inform you that across in Maharashtra in many place around 600 plus of my team leaders have attended your one or two days Mind power seminars. There feedback and reply was awesome. No other better word to say how much they learn from your training and at the end of seminar many of them said that it was their new birth.

Raj Sharma sir I am really  very thank full to your valuable contribution in my and to my team leaders life. I will be connect with you sir for lifetime. Your training is super and number 1.

I will make sure that in a  coming year at least 3 to 4 time I will book your date for training in my team. Thank you sir. Regards – Ashok Todmal