Stop disliking people because of what someone else told you about them. Understand this it’s someone’s experience about them NOT YOURS. It’s someone’s thoughts and feelings about them NOT YOURS. Everyone has their own different opinion because we are all different. Don’t run your life on others negative thoughts and emotions. You can choose your… Continue Reading


As you choose your life partner to marry with him/her. In the same way you can choose to marry with your goals,dreams with similar perseverance in-spite of many difficulties, challenges, obstacles, failure, debate, opposition, rejections, misunderstanding, fighting etc. Success and marriages are life long journey which needs perseverance to handle all emotional, mental and physical challenges.… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to all my viewers, and a heart-felt thank you, for all the likes , views, comments, appreciation and encouragement. I express my love and gratitude to all my viewers.  With this thought I wish you all a happy Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous happy new year 2017. Do take time to enjoy… Continue Reading