Subconscious Mind – A Fertile Garden Spot

Our subconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance, if the seeds of more desirable crops are not sown therein. If you don’t feed your subconscious mind with a thoughts of a creative nature; then you permit the thoughts of a destructive nature – Napoleon Hill

Choice- Chance- Change

We always have a choice what to choose,do or say. Many people don’t choose to take chance to change their present mind-set. They’re very much anxious to change their present results in health, happiness and wealth but unwilling to change their mindset therefore they remain bound. Choose a good positive healthy thoughts into your consciousness.… Continue Reading


Reading and memorizing doesn’t help you it’s about understanding and application that matters. I read certain books since last 8 years to get an understanding what the author is saying and once I get it I apply it in my life to get the results in accordance. Remember you are investing your time in reading… Continue Reading

Study to Understand

Study to understand. Reading and memorizing doesn’t help you. It’s all about understanding and it’s application. You gain knowledge when you study but you learn and grow when you develop an understand through study. Understanding expands your level of awareness which ultimately cause you to think in a creative way. for your success with love… Continue Reading


There is a difference between listening and hearing. Most people hear to reply they don’t listen to understand the subject, issues, matters, reason, thoughts, words, feelings and expressions of other side. This happens due to lack of study, concentration and the will power hence they instantly react. As my coach Bob Proctor always says ”… Continue Reading