Success is a journey. It’s like a ECG of healthy heart; many ups and downs. There are many breakdowns on the path of your success journey before you have one breakthrough.* If you persist with a never give up attitude. Keep moving forward  and keep doing what need to be done is fuel for success.… Continue Reading


As you choose your life partner to marry with him/her. In the same way you can choose to marry with your goals,dreams with similar perseverance in-spite of many difficulties, challenges, obstacles, failure, debate, opposition, rejections, misunderstanding, fighting etc. Success and marriages are life long journey which needs perseverance to handle all emotional, mental and physical challenges.… Continue Reading

Progress is your Success!

Our life is progressing everyday. Progress is an essential quality of our life. Success has nothing to do with how much money do you have or your designation or your position. It has to do with the direction you’re travelling. It has to do with how good your relationship with others. It has to do… Continue Reading