Reading and memorizing doesn’t help you it’s about understanding and application that matters. I read certain books since last 8 years to get an understanding what the author is saying and once I get it I apply it in my life to get the results in accordance. Remember you are investing your time in reading… Continue Reading


Bring discipline in your thinking to bring order into your life which ultimately brings discipline in your behavior. As very rightly said by Bob Proctor ” Discipline is the ability to give yourself command and then follow it”. Command always taken place in your conscious thinking in your thoughts and consciousness always developed through thinking.… Continue Reading


Success is a journey. It’s like a ECG of healthy heart; many ups and downs. There are many breakdowns on the path of your success journey before you have one breakthrough.* If you persist with a never give up attitude. Keep moving forward  and keep doing what need to be done is fuel for success.… Continue Reading

To get a better results…

Thinking a better thoughts is an habit. It makes you a better person which ultimately push you to do the things in a better way which produces better things into your life. Live a better than good life by thinking a better thoughts all day long for your success with lots of love btgraj


What are you doing Now? Be in present. Live in present.Are you focusing on your TARGET? Are you thinking and acting on your GOALS? Are you spending your time in thinking your dead past or you live in present by thinking a thoughts of your choice to live the way you want to live rest… Continue Reading

Keep Striving and Keep Grit !

Persistency always pays good returns…when you every day open your gift (talent) box ! During my seminars, I often use to say to my audience that “Consistently and continuously if you keep on doing things in the right direction with a disciplined way then sooner or later you definitely acquire whatever you desire” Today I… Continue Reading


Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self – The Bhagavat Gita September 2014, when the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi visited to the united State of America; he had put up the proposal to declare official International day of Yoga.  More than 177 countries signed up for… Continue Reading