Study to Understand

Study to understand. Reading and memorizing doesn’t help you. It’s all about understanding and it’s application. You gain knowledge when you study but you learn and grow when you develop an understand through study. Understanding expands your level of awareness which ultimately cause you to think in a creative way. for your success with love… Continue Reading

To get a better results…

Thinking a better thoughts is an habit. It makes you a better person which ultimately push you to do the things in a better way which produces better things into your life. Live a better than good life by thinking a better thoughts all day long for your success with lots of love btgraj


There is a difference between listening and hearing. Most people hear to reply they don’t listen to understand the subject, issues, matters, reason, thoughts, words, feelings and expressions of other side. This happens due to lack of study, concentration and the will power hence they instantly react. As my coach Bob Proctor always says ”… Continue Reading


What are you doing Now? Be in present. Live in present.Are you focusing on your TARGET? Are you thinking and acting on your GOALS? Are you spending your time in thinking your dead past or you live in present by thinking a thoughts of your choice to live the way you want to live rest… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to all my viewers, and a heart-felt thank you, for all the likes , views, comments, appreciation and encouragement. I express my love and gratitude to all my viewers.  With this thought I wish you all a happy Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous happy new year 2017. Do take time to enjoy… Continue Reading

98.6 degree

It’s a winter time and we all have a heater inside of our home or office or vehicle which have an in-build thermostat which is turn on and turn off automatically and maintain a set pleasant temperature inside of our room regardless of temperature in the outside environment unless and untill we keep on opening… Continue Reading


In our day-to-day conversations, we often get to hear two phrases “It’s your ignorance” and “Just ignore him/her” It is not a surprise; whenever you are discussing something with your friends, colleagues and when the discussion turns into an argument, these kind of quotes are heard often. People in the group will participate in the… Continue Reading