Success is a journey. It’s like a ECG of healthy heart; many ups and downs. There are many breakdowns on the path of your success journey before you have one breakthrough.* If you persist with a never give up attitude. Keep moving forward  and keep doing what need to be done is fuel for success.… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to all my viewers, and a heart-felt thank you, for all the likes , views, comments, appreciation and encouragement. I express my love and gratitude to all my viewers.  With this thought I wish you all a happy Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous happy new year 2017. Do take time to enjoy… Continue Reading

98.6 degree

It’s a winter time and we all have a heater inside of our home or office or vehicle which have an in-build thermostat which is turn on and turn off automatically and maintain a set pleasant temperature inside of our room regardless of temperature in the outside environment unless and untill we keep on opening… Continue Reading

Thank you to all !

To all my viewers, a heart-felt thank you to all, for all the likes , views, comments, appreciation and encouragement. And what an astounding support in just over two and half months I have received response, likes and comments from viewers from over 55 countries! I express my gratitude to all my viewers. I promise… Continue Reading