Subconscious Mind – A Fertile Garden Spot

Our subconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance, if the seeds of more desirable crops are not sown therein. If you don’t feed your subconscious mind with a thoughts of a creative nature; then you permit the thoughts of a destructive nature – Napoleon Hill Advertisements

What matters is your plan.

Study has shown that most people don’t have multiple plan to achieve their goals and they think they have enough time to achieve it hence they give up very soon on one after another goals. Tom Hardy once said, ” It doesn’t matter who you are. What matters is your plan.” When you decide and… Continue Reading


Success is a journey. It’s like a ECG of healthy heart; many ups and downs. There are many breakdowns on the path of your success journey before you have one breakthrough.* If you persist with a never give up attitude. Keep moving forward  and keep doing what need to be done is fuel for success.… Continue Reading


As you choose your life partner to marry with him/her. In the same way you can choose to marry with your goals,dreams with similar perseverance in-spite of many difficulties, challenges, obstacles, failure, debate, opposition, rejections, misunderstanding, fighting etc. Success and marriages are life long journey which needs perseverance to handle all emotional, mental and physical challenges.… Continue Reading


What are you doing Now? Be in present. Live in present.Are you focusing on your TARGET? Are you thinking and acting on your GOALS? Are you spending your time in thinking your dead past or you live in present by thinking a thoughts of your choice to live the way you want to live rest… Continue Reading

Another 8760 hours…

Here is another 365 days with 8760 hours in 2017 so as 366 days with 8784 hours was in 2016. Studies have shown that from those who made a new year’s resolution, only 8% of them are consistently successful with it.  These 8% people know their purpose, their vision, they have written goals, they have… Continue Reading

Progress is your Success!

Our life is progressing everyday. Progress is an essential quality of our life. Success has nothing to do with how much money do you have or your designation or your position. It has to do with the direction you’re travelling. It has to do with how good your relationship with others. It has to do… Continue Reading

Keep Striving and Keep Grit !

Persistency always pays good returns…when you every day open your gift (talent) box ! During my seminars, I often use to say to my audience that “Consistently and continuously if you keep on doing things in the right direction with a disciplined way then sooner or later you definitely acquire whatever you desire” Today I… Continue Reading