Our vision is to helping people to live a better than good life by raising the quality of thoughts to a higher level. We teach people, we expand the awareness of our audience and we give an organized information through our seminars, study events, blogs and coaching. We teach our audience to create abundance in all the areas of life i.e. health, wealth and happiness.


I believe that many people are unaware of their full potential because they simply don’t understand the proper way to think. Dr. Ken McFarland once said and he was right “Only 2% people think, 3% think they think and 95% would rather die than think”. When we understand the laws of the Universe; we move beyond our limitation and we think a thought that are in harmony with these laws which produce the results we desire and live a better than good life.- Abhishek Sharma


My professional journey has been going on for 31 years where I have spent time in a variety of roles ranging across Sales, Management, Training, Life Coaching, Administration, Finance, Manufacturing, Trading and Retail shop management. But it was only in 2010, when I discovered my true passion.

In 2010, I got my first opportunity to go on stage and speak in front of thousands of people and I have never looked back. I became a Public Speaker and have tried to pass on my leanings, knowledge and wisdom to people from all walks of life. The seeds of my career in Public Speaking as a life coach were sown way back in 2008 when I first saw the great thinker and life coach Bob Proctor in the movie “The Secret”.

Since then, I have been studying the Universal Mind, Human Potential, Human Behavior and Human Emotions every day and have reached out to a number of individuals through my seminars and speeches in the UK and India helping them change their paradigms and lead a Better than good life!

“Taking the first footstep with a good thought, the second with a good word, and the third with a good deed, I entered Paradise”-

Book of Arda Viraf (Circa 6th Century) Zoroastrian Religious

This website is all about helping people to live a better life through sharing my 31 years of experience what I have learned from my mistakes, through my practice and from my daily study to successful master mind thinker with whom I have attracted.

Through my life experience, ignorance, mistakes, study and learning I have developed eight values to my life to live a better than good life. I had paid huge price to get, to learn, and have developed these values as my belief. My values are based on emotional response to my experiences of being alive and living with other human being.

I give more against what I receive

I give my best services to the people, rewards will come to me

I do not violate the rights of others in getting what I want

I give respect and love to everyone I meet

I love myself, I trust in myself and I have a faith in the invisible and I believe in the incredible

I have an attitude of gratitude

I will think and response; I will not react

I keep myself Calm because ” Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewel of wisdom”

By nature I’m a romantic lover not a terrible fighter but I’ll fight like a warrior for what I love; and I love myself, my family and my all above values. You will get the new ideas, meaningful thoughts and much more in this website for your self-personality development and growth in all the areas of life.

It is said that “What you Sow; so shall you Reap“. http://www.betterthangoodlife.com was created to Sow a positive thoughts in your mind to reap a happier and productive results.

The ultimate goal of this website is it is to be known for the self-improvement and increase the level of awareness to challenge your own Status Quo.


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Life can better everyday and it will get better everyday through study and understanding. Better is a nice word use it everyday. Since we’re all dealing with infinite intelligence therefore there is always a possibility to get things done better. No matter how good or bad your present situation is.

When anybody ask you “How are you?” Reply it “I am always better than good ; thank you“. I wish for you all a better than good life and always remember better life is our birthright.