6 Goal Acheiving Activity Card

Everybody on the planet earth get the same amount of time. It’s what we do with our time that really makes the difference in our life.

When you use your time effectively that makes a grater difference in your relationship, in your health, in your Income and in everything.

What you put in your mind and what you do with your time that define your success. So focus on how you spend your time. It’s a matter of awareness and it’s a choice.

It is said that Andrew Carnegie (Steel Industry) was the wealthiest man in the world. He hired Charlie Schwab and was paid him a million dollars a year as a salary.

One day there was a man called Ivy Lea came to meet Charlie Schwab. He said to Schwab that ” Sir I have got an idea that I think would make you more effective and efficient. This Idea will cause you to do the things in more effective and productive way than you are doing them”

Schwab said “I have already got all kinds of ideas but you can give me your idea to get me to do some of the things I already know, I will pay you anything you ask”

Lvy Lea said ” Give me your pad” and he wrote on it.

“Write out the 6 most important things you have to do tomorrow before you go to bed. And when you get up in the morning do them” He said if you do that, you will find you will be much more effective than you have been in the past. You just send me a check for whatever you think it’s worth”

Charlie Schwab sent the man a check of $25000 and said it was the most effective idea that he had ever learned from a dollar and cent point of view.

I have learned this Idea from Bob Proctor. And I am using this card since 2008. It is very effective and it works.

Now submit your details below and get a link to download your card. If you do this then you will become more effective. So before you go to bed , write down the six most important goal achieving task you have to do tomorrow and then when you get up, do them.

Wishing you a better than good life