30 A-B-C Goal Card


Goal achievers are interesting people. They are much productive and effective. Goal achievers frequently accomplish more in their life than most people do in their entire life. To live a creative successful life goals are essential.

Last month of every year many people discourage due to not achieving their goals. People don’t achieve their goals because they don’t want to be discomfort, they don’t want to be dissatisfied, they don’t want to be struggle on the path to achieve their desirable wants.

But dissatisfaction with our life is a healthy creative state of mind. Goals are to Grow. When we work to achieve our goal we always learn something new and we grow from one level to another. When you’re dissatisfied with your present life results you’re begin to think the way to improve it.

You need to just set your goals. Go to some quiet place and think about what do you really want in this life. And then one by one write down on a piece of paper all the thoughts that came into your mind.

Bob Proctor used to say in his seminars ” List out 30 most important things you want in your life”. He said there is no inspiration in needs. There is only inspiration in wants. Your goals are something you wants and not needs.

People don’t know on which goals to focus on first. You must set priority to set your goals. Do the first thing first and not the second thing first.

Make a list of 30 goals then simply rank them group of ten according to A-B-C priority then take the A list further prioritize ten goals in order to your importance with number one goal being the most important.

When you complete your list A to C, than select your A number one goal and focus your conscious attention on that goal. Work on one goal at a time than second.

Remember our conscious mind can only focus on one idea at a time. When we attempt to bring the second idea on the screen of our conscious mind; we have a confusion.

Submit your details below and get a link to download your free 30 A-B-C Goal Card. Think a thought about what do you really want and write down your 30 goals and act on it , achieve it and live a successful life.

Abraham Maslow once said and he was right “If you plan on being anything less than you’re capable of being you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life

Wishing you a better than good life.