Are you a morning ROOSTER or a night OWL ?


Are you a morning rooster or a night owl? Are you a person who wake-up early morning and do the things what need to be done? or you are a person who feel more energetic and effective at your work after sunset till mid night?

It really doesn’t matter because we all have our own different times where we are more productive and effective. Some of us have more energy in the morning whereas some of us have more energy and productive at night. We are all different from each other so as rooster and owl. Rooster and owl are both have their own importance, significance and purpose in their life so as we too.

You will agree with me that since our childhood we have been programmed. We are conditioned through genetically and environmentally. We have learned many things by watching our parent. Children don’t do what you say they do what they see.  Likewise since our birth we have either seen our parents wake up early or go to sleep late. And this picture is fixed in our subconscious mind through our repetitive actions.

Through our daily actions we create our routines which later becomes our habits that fixed in our subconscious mind.  Wake up early or go to sleep late are nothing but our habits that we learned from our surrounding environment which can be changed at our will.

I go to bed very late and this I have learned from my parents and other relatives because they do the same. At the same time I observed that  I am more creative, productive, effective and innovative on my work during afternoon until midnight. So what’s your best time?

For your progressive success with love btgraj

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