We are attracting things or circumstances into our life through the image that we see very often on the invisible screen of our conscious mind. We always think in pictures or images.

Now to understand this we need to know that there is one great law i.e.” ENERGY IS” and energy vibrates. Everything is energy including you, me and our thoughts. Energy forever moving into form, through form and back into form.

Energy always flowing into our consciousness, we think (in images) and build an idea (in multiple pictures) with that flowing energy and we get emotionally involved with that idea (image) by depositing it into our subconscious treasury (through our burning desire and emotional involvement by repetition of intellectual & physical act) and then eventually  through our action and reaction it (energy) moves into another physical form (images in material visible form).

Once upon a time back around 1908, Andrew Carnegie ( The wealthiest man of that century) gave his life philosophy to Napoleon Hill ( The Author of personality development bible – Think and Grow Rich ) and he said, “Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available“. He was absolutely right.

In other word what he said that any idea (images) that you hold on the screen of your conscious mind, good or bad and you continually visit that idea many times through your mental and physical act then that idea will begin to clothe ( manifest) itself  in the most convenient form available.

Now think over it what idea (image ) you are holding on the screen of your conscious mind ? Are you holding a negative images about your health? Are you holding image of lack and limitation? Are you holding image of self disrespect?  Are you holding an image of revenge? or Are you holding images of prosperity, kindness, joy, happiness, forgiveness, love ? Because whatever you hold eventually it will deposited into your heart ( subconscious mind) and it will become your belief. Remember throughout the history all the great leaders and gurus unanimously agreed upon one think,”As a person think in heart ( subconscious mind) so they are“.

For your progressive success; with love btgraj.

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