Brain- The Powerful broadcasting & receiving station


Our brain is powerful electronic switching station. It is a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of our thoughts. The thought we think, physically rewire our brain and brings changes in our feelings. Feelings causes action; action causes reaction and produces results. It is an object; can not actually think but we think with our brain.

We are an electromagnetic being emitting / broadcasting frequency.  Those things are on the same frequency as the one you broadcasting can attracting towards you. As you think about a thought at your conscious level for certain period of time and as you get emotionally involve with it. You increase the amplitude of vibration of that thoughts and you attract the similar frequencies.  Every single situation in your life telling you on what frequencies you are. Vibration at our conscious level is called feelings.

Feelings tells us everything.  Change your feelings; change your results. Create an awareness. 

For your progressive success with love btgraj

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