We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. The questions are. With whom you spend most of your time? With whom you hang out the most? Do they lift you up or do they drag you down? What are their habits? What kind of words do they use? What do they eat the most? How much they drink? Are they polite, humble, kind, helpful? Do they read a good book once in a month? How much they earn? What do they think about money, wealth, prosperity and sex? Do they respect women? What time do they go to sleep and what time do they wake up? How much time do they spend on watching TV?  Think over it !! These are the good questions that really make you think.

Do you know that we don’t have a lock and key system to our five senses; hence whatever we see, hear, smell, taste and touch stored into our memory.  We catch the thoughts, vibrations, and feelings of others with whom we hang out the most. As we do certain things repeatedly over a certain period of time, it gets fixed in our subconscious mind. That becomes our behavior which ultimately reflects into our actions and then into our results.

Spend your time with people who can lift you up to become a better person. Better is always better than the worst.

For your progressive success with love- btgraj

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