Release the pressure, and feel good

We think a creative ideas when we’re at a calm state of mind and releases our pressures. The more you feel calm the more unadulterated energy flowing into your consciousness and you think a better thoughts. The more you think a better thoughts, the more you feel better and attract much better things and conditions into your life.

Bathroom, toilet, garden, mountain hills, lakes are great places where I always get a great creative new ideas to do a new innovative things. I am a crazy and unique (so as you) as I always carry a pen, notepad, or a book to read with a cup of tea while I am about to release the natures call.

All the great history people have got their crazy great ideas while they’re having a bath, or on nature’s call, or doing hovering, or just at about to sleep, or doing something unproductive job.

for your progressive success with love- btgraj

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