What you put out, comes back to you!


The only thing that can flows into our life is based on what flows out of our life. Now think, really think! what are you putting out?

Do you know we’re thinking all the time. It’s a continuous on going process even we sleep.

You put out your words with feelings through your act i.e your body’s vibratory movements. In another word it is your action which causes reaction that produces results and environment.

I’m putting out my best thoughts and wisdom to help people to become a better person and to live a better than good life. What are you doing and putting out? What kind of thoughts do you have now while reading this? Do you feel good about yourself and others? 

Now here is an exercise for you. You have to think all day long about what words and feelings do you use and have? If it is bad, just change it by thinking some pleasant memories from the past or if you feel good then continue with it. Its all about your awareness.

for your success and happiness with love – btgraj

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