Another 8760 hours…

Here is another 365 days with 8760 hours in 2017 so as 366 days with 8784 hours was in 2016. Studies have shown that from those who made a new year’s resolution, only 8% of them are consistently successful with it.  These 8% people know their purpose, their vision, they have written goals, they have a plan and they persistently taking action on their plan in spite of unfavourable conditions.  These people make decision and stick to them and they become successful.

What’s your purpose? Do you have a clear vision? Have you wrote your goals? Do you have a plan on how you will achieve your goals? How do you use your time? What are the goals you’re going to achieve in 2017 ?  Are you still going to spend 8-10 hours for sleeping? Are you going to use your time in most productive, effective, innovative, and  revenue generating activities?

Last month of every year many people discourage due to not achieving their goals. People don’t achieve their goals because they don’t want to be discomfort, they don’t want to be dissatisfied, they don’t want to be struggle on the path to achieve their desirable wants.


But dissatisfaction with our life is a healthy creative state of mind. When you’re dissatisfied with your present life results you’re begin to think the way to improve it.

You need to just set your goals. Go to some quiet place and think about what do you really want in this life. And then one by one write down on a piece of paper all the thoughts that came into your mind. (

Goal achievers are interesting people. They are much productive and effective. Goal achievers frequently accomplish more in their life than most people do in their entire life.

Here is a link of free tools to download your goal cards, click here

Wishing you a  happy , healthy and a peaceful 2017.


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