98.6 degree

It’s a winter time and we all have a heater inside of our home or office or vehicle which have an in-build thermostat which is turn on and turn off automatically and maintain a set pleasant temperature inside of our room regardless of temperature in the outside environment unless and untill we keep on opening and closing the door or window very often.

Similarly our physical body which is a very high molecules massive energy also has an in-build thermostat; which has a very powerful mechanism, that automatically  maintain our inner physical temperature at a steady 98.6 degrees, regardless of the outside temperature in the environment unless and untill we have something wrong inside of our physical body.


I am sure many of us have experienced a fever ! Scientific study says that when our body temperature increase to 100 degrees and above; we have a fever. Fever is an indication/ symptom that there is something wrong inside of our body hence body is reacting through raising its temperature.

Have you ever notice that the weather around us may be freezing cold to minus degree or as hot as more than 100 degrees; our body itself maintain its own inside temperature a steady 98.6 degrees regardless of the outside environment because it does not take on itself the outside climate (cold/hot). Our healthy body maintains its own temperature thru its own in build powerful thermostat mechanism.

You and I are a spiritual beings and spiritual energy continually flowing into our consciousness. “We have an in-build spiritual thermostat that enables us to maintain an emotional climate and atmosphere in spite of the emotional weather surround us”. Maltz said that. He further add “We do not use this spiritual thermostat because we do not know it is there; we do not know that such thing is possible; we do not understand that we do not have to take the outside climate”.

Here is the connecting biggest question; Why we change our behavior for others? Why we take others emotions? Why we take others words and feelings? Why we get disturbed and angry on others action?  It is because “People don’t know, what they don’t know and they’re not trying to know what they don’t know”. It is due to lack of awareness. It is due to lack of study which ultimately cause to lack of understanding which leads to ignorance and suffering. The key to live a successful happily life is create an “AWARENESS” in your life.

Remember that our spiritual thermostat is just as necessary for emotional well-being and mental peace as our physical thermostat is for our physical good health.

When you don’t like someone’s behavior. When others thoughts or out side situation or your past trying to disturb your peace of mind. Remember, do not react. When you react you loose your self-control. Instantly recall the winter situation on the screen of your conscious mind that someone is trying to open the door or window of your house in winter which causes to drop in room temperature. Move and take an action.

You have a in-build spiritual thermostat. Shift your focus, attention on good thoughts and good events. Do not react; do not response. Just focus to create a good and joyful feelings. Dance and sing a song or walk in the wood. Bring and set your inside temperature to Peace, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Grace, Gratitude, Love, Respect and Calmness. This will instantly and automatically change your vibration i.e. feelings ( your emotional temperature).

Finally always remember to live a physically healthy life to maintain the  98.6 degree temperature of your body and also remember to maintain your spiritual thermostat by living in the feelings of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Kindness, Help, Respect, Grace, Gratitude and  Fulfilment.

God is within us that’s why we alive in this body. She Love all of us. Her blessing is flowing on all of us. Wishing you all a healthy better than good life.


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