Think!! Pure Thoughts, Happiness follows You…


All the great progenitors of the history unanimously agreed upon one thing “We become what we think most” and we think “A Thought” and “Thought become things”.

Unfortunately many of us don’t think. You might be disagree with my statement but that’s not the way what I am thinking. Very few people really think. Dr Ken McFarland once said and he was absolutely right “Only 2% people think, 3% think they think and 95% would rather die than think“.

Most of us just playing an old movie on the screen of our conscious mind. We pickup old data (our past thoughts and experience from our subconscious treasury) from our memory and then we deliver our words according to our over the period developed perception to any situation. That is not at all thinking. To think you have to really think a new different thoughts before you say and act.  Because what you give ( thoughts/ words ) it will sooner or later come back to you in the form of results and situation.

Gautama Buddha said “If a man speaks or act with an evil thoughts, pain follow him. If a man speaks or act  with a pure thought, happiness follow him, like a shadow that never leaves him”.

Actually Buddha’s thought is inspire us to think. He is saying that there is good and bad thought of energy always there in our universal mind. We all have the ability to choose any thoughts by using our intellectual faculty i.e thinking.  Unfortunately we choose a thought that are in harmony with our paradigms because we don’t think.

As we start to think differently our body react to that by creating  a feelings of discomfort. 97 out of 100 times we give up to a new way of thinking and we come back to our old way of thinking  hence results doesn’t change in our life for many years.

So if pain is following in your life you are thinking a negative evil thoughts due to your old paradigms i.e your multitude of bad habits. And if a Joy and happiness following in your life then you are thinking a pure positive good thoughts due to again your old paradigms i.e your multitude of good habits. Remember paradigms can be change anytime by continuously conscious thinking and depositing many good thoughts in your emotional mind through repetition process.

I have written this post in the interest and to inspire you all to develop a habit of thinking a thought of peace, joy, happiness, love , calmness, kindness, grace, respect and give & help.

How you like this post please write your comments and forward this post to help others.

Many thanks for spending your time to read this.

Wishing you a better than good life.




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