You need to change your attitude…….ok fine so what is attitude?

Many years ago when I was studying in university, my friends used to say that Raj you need to change your attitude. My Mom use to say that change your attitude towards other people and your life will change. I said yes mom I will. When I was in Insurance industries my boss Jolly Jose use to say in his conversation that we need to change our attitude towards our prospect. Sometimes our spouse use to say that ” You have an attitude problem”.

” Attitude” is the most useable word. Almost Everybody delivered this word. Like many people I was didn’t know what is the attitude. And if I look back I am sure neither my mom nor my boss or my friends know the real meaning of attitude but we often use it.

It is now almost 9 years I am continue studying on the magic of mind, thoughts and human behavior. After studying the many great progenitor of the history I came across the real meaning of attitude. It is really a magic word. One of the great thinker William James ( Jan 11, 1842-Aug 26, 1910) an American philosopher and psychologist who was also trained as a physician once said and he was right ” Attitude was the greatest discovery of his generation that human being can alter their lives by altering  their attitude of mind”.

Sixty seven years before the Jesus Christ Hermes said ” If you want to change your life you have to change your vibration?” So how to change your vibration ? By changing your Attitude! Oh ho….so what is an Attitude and how to change it?

It is a composite of three things; our thoughts, our feelings and our action. Now put your attention here ( see below image) we think a certain thoughts at our conscious level and we create a feeling at our subconscious level and our behavior patterns comes at our physical body i.e. our action. This action causes our behaviour, which ultimately produce results and we called it an attitude.



We unconsciously thinking a negative thoughts at our conscious mind , and we’re creating a feelings of  fear, superstition, anger, greed, jealously, hatred,revenge and this cause us to move our body. Remember our body vibrate on every thoughts that we think. It’s a subject of our choice and conscious awareness  about choosing positive or negative thoughts.

When your attitude is bad, people will move away from you but on the counter part if your attitude is good people love you and they want to associate with you. If you change your attitude your life will change. Just change your thoughts , Be aware about what you’re thinking all day long.

Attitude is a matter of Choice. Now think great thoughts leads to great feelings and your action always follow your feelings hence you produce a great action.Like that a great attitude. Think about it.

Wishing you a better than good life and have a great attitude.


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