Do you need sympathy or expect a better result?

All the great intellectual leaders and teachers have agreed upon one thing that is “We become what we think about”. Thought is everything were the creation begins; it’s a highest form of energy. When you express your thoughts to someone with intense feelings through words; your thought energy grow and expands more. Quite often the kind of thoughts we think over and over, we become that kind of person and our character become so. The intention of writing this post is to create awareness about; what kind of issues we are discussing with others? With whom we are discussing? How is our feeling while talking to others?

“We invented the word feeling to describe our conscious awareness of the vibration we’re in”


Bob Proctor once said and he was right “ Energy flows into our consciousness with no form, we gave it a form, we build the image through thinking of thoughts and then we internalize that image, we alter the vibration we’re in which caused us to act and we get the results ”

I have seen many people repeatedly expressing their present situation or a problem with an intense feeling of anxiety, discomfort, pain, stress, and suffering to others. As a matter of fact they also share their success and achievement with others too. Generally when they meet they start a conversation with “How are you doing?” and within a few minutes they start a healthy discussion about their problems or the issues. Unfortunately these people doesn’t have any solution to your problems neither they are an expert. Without thinking unconsciously they just exchange their feelings. If you carefully observe you will find most people just expressing their sympathy in returns with an expression of “don’t worry I am always with you”. As a matter of fact, at the end of the day you’re always alone with your own problems. On the other hand you’re surrounded with everybody when you’re in Joy or success.


When you discuss with a person who is known to be an expert or a doctor or to someone whom you know very well and feel much better while sharing your issues; doing this will shift your present vibration and convert your thoughts into a better feeling hence you expecting a good change.

When you talk to someone about your pain, sufferings or problems, please do notice whether he/she is giving you sympathy or he/she diverting your thoughts by talking to you on some different subject like any happy event, joys, joke, fantasy, movie etc. If he/she is expressing their sympathy and talking to you on the same note /subject like you then he/she adding more pain to your sufferings because you are both in the same high emotional negative vibration. It’s like adding more oil on fire. Remember – + – = –

Never say anything about yourself; you do not want to come true. Brian Tracy – Author and Speaker

Many thanks; I wish a better than good life for all.

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  1. That’s true. Fully agreed on this. Always try to Vibrate Positive thoughts with Positive Energy. Sympathy is the feeling that you care about and are sorry about someone else’s trouble. By working together, there were better results for everyone.Facial expressions can communicate sympathy and other emotions nonverbally.


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