Keep Striving and Keep Grit !

Persistency always pays good returns…when you every day open your gift (talent) box !

During my seminars, I often use to say to my audience that “Consistently and continuously if you keep on doing things in the right direction with a disciplined way then sooner or later you definitely acquire whatever you desire”

Today I am writing this to share with you how I applied the same into my life and got the results.

One afternoon, after coming from school my daughter enthusiastically showed me her artwork which she had done for her school project. I really liked it and told my daughter that she had a creative talent. If she keeps practices daily then she can become a great artist in the future.

While discussing with my daughter I realized that although she heard me but she did not show much interest. So I decided that if I want to inspire and motivate my daughter then I need to pick up the pencil and start sketching myself. It was after a gap of 20 years, I took the pencil in my hand and started drawing to inspire my daughter.

 “Children do not do what you tell them to do rather they do the things which they see their elders doing it”


During my childhood, my elder sister used to do draw for my school project and that’s where I started learning a little bit about sketch or drawings. But then I did not practice the same later. Although after few years I realized that I have started liking “sketching and drawing” but could not pursue it further. During 1995 I was used to draw sketches of wild animals and bird’s in the evenings after I came back from office but only for a couple of months. I used to put some effort in learning sketching but I could not continue it further and I gave up.

It is said that

“World rewards and remembers you not for what you know but for what you have actually done”.

BTG169Till June 2015, I used to post articles in this blog regularly. But since then I have reduced the number of my posts. Some of my blog followers asked me the reason for the same. Today I want to reveal that reason. I was engaged in doing Diploma in Graphic Design from United Kingdom and learning sketch art from many books ( Realistic Drawing Secrets by Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks )and from You tube.

Since I started sketching after 20 years so it was quite normal that it took some time to make a better sketch. I started with the sketch of a dog and a tiger as these are my favourite animals. My family members appreciated these sketches and encouraged me to do many more.

All the images I have uploaded in this article are the ones which I have drawn since June 2015 ( Thanks to each one for believing in me ). I also started doing the sketches of my friends and family members. I have gifted their sketches on their birthday, which they liked very much and appreciated. This has motivated me further.

“when you appreciate something; it starts growing and increasing”

BTG170Initially when I was in the process of drawing the sketch of my wife; one of my close friend laughed at my incomplete sketch and said, “Raj, you better restrict your sketch to animals because doing sketch of human being is not your cup of tea”. Although he said it casually but his words hurt me a lot. I was determined to prove myself; not to him and I decided that one day I will definitely become a great artist before my soul leave this body. People will always remember me for my great creative artistic work.

“Discomfort and dissatisfaction gives birth to creativity”

I regularly ask the help from universe and worked consciously on my sketches and focused my energies on improving. I made mistakes but I was learning continuously and my sketches were improving day by day.

What I learned is “Persistence is the most powerful mental strength and it plays a very essential and crucial role in helping you to achieve your desires” – Btgraj

BTG171Since last 7 months, I have been drawing various sketches. The day I complete my 100th sketch, from that day onwards I will start the marketing and promotion of my art talent. So far I have made 24 sketches. Some of my friends and relative have already asked me to draw their portraits. If anyone of my blog follower wants me to make their sketch, they can email their photo to me at I will make the sketch absolutely free of cost (They have to bear the packaging and the postage charges). This is only applicable till I finish 100 sketches.

“It is said that a river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence.”

I have reached this proficiency levels in sketching because I kept on practicing regularly, continuously and persistently on a daily basis. I believe that when you keep doing things towards your goal on a regular basis then the Universe aids by leading you to the right path and leads you to the right direction to achieve your goals.

Miracles start to happen when you put your efforts with focus dedication and energy every day with discipline – btgraj

I am thankful to my sister, my daughter ( she is doing good in her creative arts ) and a friend of mine because of whom I have learned this new skill.

I have opened my gift (talent) box; now it’s your turn. Wishing you a better than good life.

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