In our day-to-day conversations, we often get to hear two phrases

It’s your ignorance” and “Just ignore him/her

It is not a surprise; whenever you are discussing something with your friends, colleagues and when the discussion turns into an argument, these kind of quotes are heard often. People in the group will participate in the argument on the basis of their knowledge/experience. Egoistic Intelligent person starts putting more weight on his/her knowledge in argument so that he/she can prove himself/herself more knowledgeable rather than understanding the situation of other people by listening.


I share here my experience at a seminar in Mumbai in which the trainer had given a wonderful example on IGNORANCE. He invited a Child (may be around 10-year-old) on the stage and he put forward both his hands in front of the child. In one hand, there was a Dairy Milk chocolate bar (cost Rs. 10) and in another hand, he held a Rs. 500 note and he asked the child to choose either of the one. Without further delay, the child took the chocolate and ran to his parents and immediately started eating it.

The trainer addressed the audience and said this is what IGNORANCE is. The child could have taken Rs. 500 note and could have bought 50 such Dairy Milk chocolate bars. But because of his ignorance, the child chose the chocolate over the money.

Similarly on one hand you have your job through which you might not be able to fulfil your necessities and on the other hand there is a huge opportunity of network marketing business through which not only  you can  fulfil your necessities but also your wants and dreams. But because of IGNORANCE; lack of knowledge and negativity about this profession, many people choose not to get into network marketing and continue with their job. Lack of knowledge or lack of information is nothing but Ignorance. Hence many of us financially struggle in life.


I have deliberated on the speakers thoughts. I agree to a large extent but not completely. I am not  convinced with the example of the child because of his age factor. A child lives in the present. So when the child saw the chocolate, immediately his thought is to eat the same rather than thinking of taking Rs. 500 note and going to shop post the seminar and buying the same chocolate in more numbers. He enjoyed the happiness of that moment.

We as adults also get a lot of advice that we should live in present instead of repenting about past and thinking about future. Therefore here, the ignorance of that child is bliss for him because he got the joy and happiness by way of lack of his ignorance. It doesn’t matter whether he knows the value of Rs.500 at this age. So this is bliss for him.

Now lets talk about the 2500 people who were sitting in that auditorium whose ages were in between 25 to 70 years. I am in complete sync with the arguments made by the speaker when he compared about Job and Network Marketing business.

The assumption that; the situations, the people whom you have never seen, never heard about – assuming that such situation or people do not exist in this world,  is full of ignorance.

Neither have you seen me nor I have seen you. So on the basis of this if we assume that neither I exist in this world nor you exist in this world, then this assumption itself is full of ignorance.

In my trainings I keep asking this question to thousands of people; when did you all come to know that there used to be an animal called Dinosaur thousand years back. In reply to this question I get the answer that they came to know about Dinosaur either from the movie “Jurassic Park” or through National Geographic Channel or through Discovery Channel or through some books.

So I ask them that if there would not have been any movie called Jurassic Park or there would not have been any TV channel called National Geographic or Discovery then does it mean that Dinosaur did not exist. Of course Dinosaur anyway existed but these people came to know about it when they have seen it in movies or heard about it or read about it.


According to me lack of information or knowledge is not ignorance. There is a lot of information floating in this world. And it is impossible for any individual to get all the information and knowledge. But yes, when we start arguing to prove ourselves over another person about something without knowing about it then that is Ignorance.

I’m surrounded with people, social media and technology; in spite of that  many times I have a feelings of ignorance – btgraj

Many people tell me that they try to gather more and more knowledge/information  about the subject which they are passionate. It is not possible for a human being to know about everything because everyday new information is coming in our way. It is not possible to master everything.  If you try to do so you will become mad.

The more we try to gather knowledge about different subjects, the more egoistic we will become and it would be difficult to adjust with the people surrounding you. This will happen  because you are consuming more information where as people surrounding you are not doing that much. In such scenario you will behave in a different way as compared to other people and it would become difficult for you to adjust with them.

In my view Ignorance can sometimes becomes your strength but in other times it can be painful. It depends on the circumstances. Many people avoid the information about the subjects of their disinterest and remain happy about their ignorance. While on the other hand, there are people who aspire to gather as much information as possible about the subjects of their interest as they wanted to become a genius in those particular subjects. And then there is another category of people who gather some information on most  subjects and try to become a news reader in front of others. These people unconsciously love to talk on everything in middle of others conversation.

The result of different circumstances will be different. Some people get the benefit of being ignorant whereas many other people lose their mental balance because of excess of information. Excess of information about a particular subject has its advantages as well as disadvantages. From one of the research it has been found that after acquiring too much of information  people become argumentative by nature and lose their inner peace whereas some people take their society and country to a new height because of this excess information.

Every individual in their entire life has been subjected to a matter of laugh at least once. At the same time, the same individual has been appreciated also. The day when people laugh at us on our ignorance about a particular subject/circumstance, on that particular day itself we lose our ignorance and increase our knowledge about it, if we are conscious about our ignorance.

It has been rightly said that “Good judgement comes through experience and experience comes through bad judgement.” A knowledgeable person will lose its value in the absence of ignorant person. In the absence of night, day time would lose its significance. In the absence of sadness and pain, people would not be able to enjoy the happiness.

People say that when you cultivate competence and knowledge, you become intelligent and talented  and because of illiteracy, lack of efforts and knowledge, you become ignorant. It is strange fact that whether you are intelligent or ignorant, you do make mistakes in life. Also both intelligent and ignorant person goes through happiness as well as sadness at some point of their life. A person can never be an ignorant in all the areas and at the same time the same person cannot be intelligent and talented in all the areas. Every individual has some amount of ignorance as well as talent and knowledge.BTG143btgराज

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