Mind V/S Brain & Heart



While I was going through one of the Facebook group, I came across a post titled

“Mind says Move On and Heart says Hold On”

At that time I was writing on the same subject so I immediately responded to that post with my comments. There were around a 100 people who had expressed their view on the same. I am sure although only 100 had responded but most of us are seeking clarification on this topic. Before I start writing further on this topic, I would like to specially thank Sneha Sharma; who raised this subject on a Facebook group.

To understand this subject, we need to understand many other Universal laws which govern our life, which is directly connected to this subject. This topic is very close to my heart and to make us understand thoroughly this post may feel a bit lengthy but this is necessary for the topic.

I personally believe that no one has ever seen the MIND. There is no such picture of mind. Majority of us feel that our BRAIN is our MIND which is not true. We can understand MIND in various different forms but we cannot see it. Mind can be a thought, Mind can be a will, Mind can be a feeling, Mind can be a faculty, Mind can be a mental experience, and Mind can be a mental activity!

मन को आप कई रूप मैं समझ सकते हो, पर उसे देख नहीं सकते
“We can understand the mind in various different forms but we can’t see it”

A mind is a set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement and Memory a characteristic of humans.


Brain can be seen as a tangible part of our body but mind is invisible/ intangible. Although it is present everywhere. There is no physical shape or structure of mind, as it’s infinite. Actually mind is the whole universe. We are all in this universe, so universe is within us.

“As above, so below As within, so without”

The Emerald Tablet, circa 300BC

“जैसा उपर वैसा निचे, जैसा बाहर वैसा ही भीतर

The 20th century philosopher Martin Heidegger suggested that mind is a subjective experience and activity.

Jose Manual Rodriguez Delgado (Aug 8, 1915 – Sept 15, 2011) was a Spanish professor of physiology at Yale University, writes, “In present popular usage, soul and mind are not clearly differentiated and some people, more or less consciously, still feel that the soul, and perhaps the mind, may enter or leave the body as independent entities.”

Like we cannot see our soul, similarly we cannot see our mind too. We can only feel it!

The philosopher of cognitive science, Daniel Dennett, argues there is no such thing as a narrative center called the “mind”, but that instead there is simply a collection of sensory inputs and outputs; different kinds of “software” running in parallel.

We can better understand the difference in mind, brain and heart by relating it to a computer. Mind is our software, brain is our hardware and heart is our processor. Without Software (mind), hardware (brain) is of no use and without processor (heart); hardware (brain) is of no use.

We all have brain and heart but if we do not have an understanding of what to do, when to do, what to say, when to say, where to go, how to go or when to eat, what to eat etc. than we are like a living dead body and a computer which has a RAM and PROCESSOR but in which no SOFTWARE (Mind) has been installed.

According to Buddhist philosopher Dharmakirti the mind has two fundamental qualities: “clarity and cognizes“. If something is not those two qualities, it cannot validly be called mind. “Clarity” refers to the fact that mind has no colour, shape, size, location, weight, or any other physical characteristic, and “cognizes” that it functions to know or perceive objects.

According to Spinoza’s dual-aspect theory, mind and body are two aspects of an underlying reality which he variously described as “Nature” or “God“.

I firmly believe that our mind itself is God. Also our mind is a software without which our HEART, BRAIN and SOUL is incomplete. It’s indeed our mind which keeps on sending regular information/ thoughts to our brain (transmission tower).

Before doing any kind of work, a lot of different thoughts keep on coming to us through our mind – whether I should do it or not. If I say YES, what will happen and if I say NO, what will happen.

This whole universe works under certain laws and we being a part of this universe, we are governed by them. There is a law called “LAW OF POLARITY” which says that everything has two sides. If there is Yes, there is No. There is sunshine and shadow. There is fire as well as water. There is sun as well as moon. There is life as well as death. There is childhood as well as adulthood. There is happiness as well as sadness. There is day as well as night. There is morning as well as evening. There is thief as well as police.  There is a good man as well as bad man. There is an evil as well as a God. There is a negative as well as positive. There is hatred as well as love. There are vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. And at the last but not the least if there are failures than there are successes as well.

Taking above example forward, at the time of decision-making there will be at least two thoughts which will come to us. Usually we would think one thought is coming from the heart and another from the mind. But in reality those two thoughts has actually comes to us from universe.

We say so because we do not like losing under any circumstances. We always want to win. We want results as per our choice. We always want happiness in our lives. We give a lot of importance to success and not to failures, but success always comes in equal proportion to failures.

All the problems have been created because of this thinking. That’s why we bring heart and mind into the matter. What we actually need to do is either install or upgrade the software, where as we are only focusing on hardware and processor.


To think that everything should happen in our life as per our wish in itself is the cause of all the problem and pains of our life.

We take a decision as a mere human being but on the basis of the result of that decision other people consider us as either a successful human being or failure. Thoughts or an idea which have been telecasts from universe doesn’t have any such discrimination of success or failures. There is a saying that “LIKE things attract each other”. Similarly whatever kind of thoughts we dominate, universe will telecast similar thoughts to us.

If you fill yourself with positive thoughts on a daily basis, then positive thoughts will be telecasts to you from universe. You may go through a lot of failures but ultimately you will become a successful person.

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of the decisions we make, and the quality of our decision depends on the quality of our thoughts, and thoughts are always telecast from the Mind. So we have to consciously attract more and more positive harmonious thoughts from the universe on a daily basis.

If we keep on doing a thing regularly, continuously and on a daily basis with proper direction and discipline, then we always get what we want. Everything is created at its own time but to create that, one has to keep on trying regularly, continuously and on a regular basis – this is the law of creation of this universe.

“There is a season for everything”

At the end I would say that brain and heart working according to the orders of the mind and mind itself is God, Universe.

Mind is like a temple and our soul is the idol of God. Our heart and brain catches signal and frequency which vibrates within the mind and the action begins.

It is very difficult for any human being to understand and explain what life is all about. Life is not run by us; Life rules all of us throughout our journey.

No matter how hard I learn and explain, I really can’t be sure. I might be wrong; I’m also a human being. I would like to say thanks to God for this life and many blessings as I am constantly receiving love, grace and guidance from Universe.

In conclusion I urge all to enjoy this Life. My gratitude to you for taking time and reading this ….wishing you all a better than good life! ... btgराज


  1. Thanku for sharing your thoughts with us…
    The best part of the article is …
    “And at the
    last but not the least if there are failures then there are
    successes as well”

    One should prepare their mind & heart for both the aspects, Success and Failure…
    Surely will follow the Success..


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