Decomposition of Bad Habits

Decomposition of Negativity

I recently read about ‘Decomposition” in a Science text-book. I have created an image below to depict the different time required for different substances to decompose.

BTG 91001

Similarly, we, human beings take different time period to decompose our bad habits and thoughts and change it to positive thinking and behaviors.

BTG 92

The first category of people brings required changes in themselves very quickly and they decompose their bad habits within a time span less than a year. They understand very well that they need to quit their bad habits as soon as possible and they choose to decompose their bad attitude or habits like a banana peel or paper bag within few weeks to one year time frame.

In this category people keep on learning constantly. These people spend more time on reading about habits of successful people. They have some experienced and intelligent people around them who help them understand the difference between “good” and “bad”. The results of GOOD DEEDS will always be good and the results of BAD DEEDS will always be bad.

Such people also understand well that the faster they decompose their bad things, bad habits and bad characters the sooner they will able to sow the seeds of good habits which will give them better results in future.

The second categories of people are like wood who take 10 to 15 years to decompose their bad habits. They keep on making the same mistake again and again. They may change for a while but are back to their old routines. They are not stick to their own decision. These people have lack of confidence. They don’t necessarily like to listen to an experienced knowledgeable person. They want to quit their bad habits but their action is totally different.

They require a much larger stimulus and motivation to change. Due to their behaviour they sometime face huge financial losses. In my observation these people always gets the direction and guidance from some life coach or from spiritual Guru and with self-consciousness and experience they do realize that their habits may be the cause of their predicament. They start changing and decomposing their bad habits in next 5 to 10 years by going through lot of hard work, pain and regular daily practice.

In third category, people take much longer 30 to 45 years to decompose their bad habits –similar to leather shoes or zinc box. They are the kind of people who don’t have long-term relation with others, are angry and frustrated. They are in constant rifts with their loved ones. Because of their childhood surrounding, daily routine and lac of education they have developed this bad character. For these people to have a realization of their bad deeds is going to take a lot longer.

Sometimes this may come very late in life, when they are on their death-bed or when they are old and diseased. At that stage the only thing they can do is repent.

In the fourth category, people who never decompose their bad habits or negativity like aluminum box, Plastic bag and thermacol cup and for whom even one life is short to bring the required changes. To bring changes in their thinking, behavior, habits, character etc even one life is not enough.

These people believe in the maxim “Neither I will change nor  will I allow others to change”. They are always in some kind of problem or they are creating problems in other lives. However hard you may try but you can never bring changes in them.

Now we should be able to understand that the people who are in and around us belongs to which of the above four categories, how to behave with them, what kind of changes we should make within ourselves and how to decompose our bad habits.

 “We do not meet the kind of people whom we want to meet rather we meet those kind of people who are like us”

“ हमे वैसे ही लोग मिलते है जैसा हम खुद होते है ”.

हमे वैसे लोग नहीं मिलते जैसा हम चाहते है. चाहने मैं और होने मैं जमीन और आसमान का फर्क होता है.

There is a lot of difference in between the people “whom we want to meet” and “who are like us”

We are different from each other and to complete this journey of LIFE, we have to go through different kinds of people. Now it’s up to us with whom we should live and keep long-term relationship.

At the end I would like to say please decompose your negativity on a daily basis as early as possible through self-awareness and consciousness and don’t become like thermacol or plastic bag.

Always wishing  for you a better than good life. Thank you with lots of love!

  1. This is such a well written article that unfolds and provokes intellectual pondering. I really enjoyed reading this it was so much fun. I am going to share it with my 15 year old son so he knows how to visually place himself in his respective category and change post haste if necessary. Very sharply done. Thanks for sharing. Karen L. Wright, BSW MPA GCDF


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