Successful v/s Responsible

Success comes to the person who fulfills the responsibility in all the areas of life.

I have observed that most of the people always love to talk about achieving success, love to listen about successful people. Also for most of us those people are successful who have accumulated huge amount of money or property.

As per the Oxford dictionary, definition of success is

“The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”


So, it seems obvious that to become a successful person we need a favourable outcome, a favourable results and a victory. We will get “Success” when we take 100% responsibility of all our actions.

Henry Ward Beecher  Once said..

“Riches are not an end of life, but an instrument of life”

On the other hand, I have seen many people who are dishonest, lack integrity and commitment but with the grace of good luck they have the money and fame. Those who consider such people as successful, they actually do not know what SUCCESS means.


In my view instead of aiming to be a successful person one should rather aim to become a responsible person because the more responsible we become, the happier we become and we will feel the real joy of success.

Success is nothing but an outcome but responsibility is the action or course to that outcome. It’s KARMA. This leads you towards the end results. We always look forward to success but actually we need to work on our day-to-day actions and responsibility.

Every successful person’s foundation is based on the hard work, commitment and being responsible.

“Being responsible” is more important than “Earning more money”

According to me if we take care of our family’s responsibility on a daily basis then we are on our way to become a successful person. If we can control our anger then we are on our way to live a successful happy life.  If we have a good understanding with our spouse, then we are on the way to enjoy our life. If we are regularly working on our daily task to achieve our set goals, then we are on the path to achieve our success. If we accept our mistakes and learn from them to improve the quality of our relationship then we are on the way to feel the taste of success. If we accept our difficulties and failures in a positive way then we are on the steps towards success.

Respect, love, trust, relationship and responsibilities are much bigger than the money.  If we take care of all this then, I am sure that we will fulfill all our basic needs of life with money. If you are measuring SUCCESS with more MONEY, then you are wrong.

“Money is not the “GOD” but unfortunately it also not less than that”

 “We have created money, money has not created us”



In my life I have come across many people from different walks of life. They have a huge amount of money but their married life is on the rocks, they are not happy with themselves, they lack peace in their life, they have lost their health, and they have divorced their spouse.  They have a big fat bank balance, properties but they have miserably failed in other areas of their life. They have a huge amount of materialistic things but they are negative in their thinking. Such people consider MONEY as everything. Even then the vast majority of us consider them successful because they see their outer materialist world. But in my opinion they are not successful because somewhere they are not fulfilling their responsibilities.

In reality, I consider that person as successful, who creates happiness, who makes other feel happy and who accepts the difficulties and challenges of life. The happier we are, the more successful we become.

We may earn loads but if we are always having fight in our house, if we are creating sadness, if we are the reason of dispute in our family, if we are always in anger, if we are not communicating to our family members properly, if we are discouraging our family members then we are actually not successful because somewhere we have not fulfilled our responsibility towards our family, society and country.

To enjoy the real Success, we have to take  100% responsibility to live a happily life. When we meet people, instead of seeing what materialistic things they have, rather we should see how responsible they are because in my opinion “Responsibility” precedes “Success”. So instead of aiming to become a successful person we should aim to become a responsible person.

Please do take care of your family. I wish all my readers a better than good life – thank you!

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