Comparison V/S Creativity

Don’t compare yourself with others,be creative with acceptance.



All of us are living with people and for people. We are always surrounded with people. Therefore there are always people observing us, watching our all activities, actions and results. By nature human being is curious; we are curious to know, what others are doing, how they are doing, how they feel, why they are succeeding, why they are failing , which car do they have, which cell phone they are using, which tablet they have? We are always keen to share our experiences – good or bad with our near and dear ones.

People always love to talk! It could be about anything and everything – about their job, their success, their income, their branded clothes, their house, their furniture, their jewellery, their investment, their assets, etc. Unconsciously we all love to talk more and do not want to listen. We all pass comments on each other’s situation.

My observation and experience in all the above situation of life is that while doing all this somehow we unconsciously or unknowingly are creating a doubt in our own ability and creating a feeling of comparison, competition, status and jealousy.

When we compare our progress and failure with others, we are switching our mind from a feeling of abundance to the feeling of lack and limitation and by doing this we give our power to others.

When I see my colleagues, friends, neighbors and relatives with a BMW or a Mercedes, well-furnished house, high income, high bank balance, nice job, good business, then I to get a feeling of frustration, de-motivation, because I did not have all those things. It led me to wonder what’s wrong with me. Why do I don’t have all those things which they have.

I do have a dream, goal, desire, wants, skills, vision, purpose, experience, ability, good habits, determination, passion, honesty, sincerity etc. which many of my friends don’t have.

Many of our near and dear ones judge our success through how much money we have, rather than how good human being we are and what skills, ability and potential we have.  If we don’t have money then people treat us differently.

So I started looking for an answer to my question that why many people who have so much talent, ability, skills, good habits, desire and dreams doesn’t succeed in terms of earning money and why so many people who don’t have many good qualities have such immense wealth.

And finally in the year 2000, one day I got my answer from my guru Shri Karmblekar Guruji and he explained me…

“Look Raj, we are all different from each other. God has created everyone differently from our outer look to our inner thoughts, from our perception to our paradigm. We all have different belief, culture, religion, thoughts. God has sent you along with other people for a different purpose. Your wife, friends, relative have different belief and you have a different belief. Look at your surroundings, everybody and everything is different. When God has created you differently for fulfilling different purpose of life than there is no reason for you to become or do like others.

Tell me Where is another Bill Gates, Where is another Steve Job, Where is another Mahatma Gandhi, Where is another Winston Churchill, Where is another Thomas Edison, Where is another Pablo Picasso, Where is another Michelangelo, Where is another Nelson Mandala, Where is another Chanakya? And many more! Everybody is different. God has blessed you with all the faculties; you can use your own creative power and create your own path of life.

Every human being has different types of intelligence. Some are excellent in Linguistic but very poor in Visual or Spatial. Some are Great in Musical but average in Mathematical or logical. Some are very good in physical bodily kinesthetic but they failed in Emotional or Intra personal areas of life. Socially some people are very good but practically they are average. Some of us have high knowledge of spirituality but not succeeding in life because of lack of Mathematical logic. So no one is perfect, that includes you and me.



God has blessed every life with different purpose to keep balance on this planet. So don’t compare yourself with others rather become creative by using your own faculty to create your own destiny. You are unique in this world; no one is similar to you. When you compare your failure with other’s success then you connect yourself with the feelings of either sadness or jealousy which reduce your progress and growth.

When you feel that somebody has something which you don’t have, or somebody is producing high results, which you are not able to produce, or your spouse is earning more than what you earn and when you are not able to accept it, it leads to jealousy. But when you’re able to accept it, it can become your inspiration. You have a choice – either be jealous and frustrated or learn from their life-their success or failure. Yes, it takes time. Everything has manifesting time period.

Listen, when something is not happening the way you had desired and when you accept it then it became tolerance, but when you don’t accept it, it turns into anger. An Angry person drinks poison and expects the other person to die.

So be creative, not competitive.Be a learner; avoid anger by LIVING A LIFE OF AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS through repetitive practice.

And remember

“No one is superior to me, No one is mediocre to me, and I’m what I’m.”

From that day on ward I started living a Better than good life. My life philosophy is very simple when something happen as per my will, wish or desire then It’s good and if not then it’s better than good because then it’s God’s will and desire and he want to give me something different which is made for me to fulfil my purpose of this life.

Please do share with others and write your comments to serve you much better.Thank you for reading this post.


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  1. I love this message. It takes a lot of people to make the world go ’round, and it’s so fulfilling to see others becoming the best of themselves rather than seeing the worst in themselves.


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