Alibaba and 40 Camel!


Rahul couldn’t sleep till 3 am, so he came out of his bedroom, went to hall and was thinking about his problems till 5 am. He was under deep pressure and tension.

When Rahul’s dad woke up and came to hall, he got surprised by seeing Rahul at 5 am as Rahul usually gets up at around 8 am. He asked Rahul “My son what happened?” The moment Rahul heard this question from his dad, he started crying. Seeing Rahul crying, his dad said that “son, sharing sadness reduces it and sharing happiness increases it”. So tell me “What’s wrong with you?

Rahul replied, to increase the business size I had taken certain decision which backfired and because of which I had made huge losses and now I need to close down my business. We might have to sell our house, car and many other things. I am coming across lots of difficulties on a daily basis. I am getting notices once or twice in a week. I am not able to find a way to come out of this. Actually Daddy, all this is going on from last one year. I tried to run the company but now I feel as if I have lost everything. I am in huge debt. I really don’t know when I will be able to find a solution for the same. Please forgive me daddy as because of me we have to auction our house and we have to lose our reputation in the society which we had created in last so many years.

After listening to everything carefully, Daddy replied,listen my son, “some people deliberately do the wrong things because of their nature and their bad habits. They love to harm others.  And some time people do mistakes because of their ignorance, lack of experience and knowledge even though their intention was not to harm anyone. And many people believe it was their destiny.

Mind you, you were never a case of wrongdoing. You didn’t have any bad intention. Just for an optimum result, you had taken some decisions and because of ignorance and lack of experience you met with the opposite unexpected results. Sometimes mistake happens as it’s a human nature. But if your intention were right and you did not want to hurt anyone then also if your decision went wrong then you should not really worry about it.

Life is full of ups and downs. If we are alive then we will come across challenges & difficulties. Problems are not always stable. The important thing is not to run away from difficulties but to find a solution for the same.

The world is continuously changing every moment. Always remember that “whatever problem is appearing today will disappear tomorrow”. The people, who always stand strong against their difficulties, learn from their mistakes and keep on improving themselves, are the people who get the success and at some point of time their problem also disappears. 

Son, today I will tell you one story, which my father (your grandfather) had told me. And the title of the story is “Alibaba and 40 camels”

Alibaba’s business was to sell woollen clothes in the city of Kazakhstan. But his business was not doing well from last one year. He was in huge debt. He had taken huge amount of loan and he was not in a position to pay the interest also for the same. Every now and then he was going through lots of difficulties and challenges.

Alibaba discussed about his business problem with one of his friend who suggested him to approach a Saint who was residing in a village near to Sahara Desert. Alibaba decided that he will leave tomorrow early morning to meet that saint for some solution.

After travelling continuously for three days, finally he reached to that village where already there was a lot of rush. The reason for the rush was lot of people from surrounding villages had come to that saint seeking solution for their problem.

At last Alibaba was able to meet that saint at 7 pm and he told about all his difficulties to that saint and asked for a solution for overcoming the problems and troubles.

To this saint replied to Alibaba that you came little late today and now it’s my prayer time. But do not worry; I will give you the best solution tomorrow morning. Meanwhile you stay with us in this village but you have to do one of my work. And the work is that with me there are 40 camels as well. The caretaker of those camels is somehow not well today so you need to take care of those 40 camels for today night. The moment all the 40 camel sit down together then you can go to sleep and find some relaxation.After saying this, saint went for his prayer.

Next day saint called Alibaba and asked him whether he was comfortable with camel, did he have enough sleep and rest?

Alibaba replied “No I couldn’t sleep at all” I tried a lot that all the camels should sit together at one go but only few camels were sitting, other were standing and vice versa. Hence I could not sleep whole night and was awake.


Saint replied, “I knew in advance that  all the camel will never sit together at one go, no matter how much hard effort you try to do it on all the camel. Similarly if you find a solution to one of your problem, then another problem will come up.Till the time you are alive you will keep on coming across problems and challenges with solutions.

Then Alibaba asked, so what should I do now?

Saint replied “Just enjoy this one life which GOD had given to you”.

Yesterday night as the time passed many camels sat down on their own and some others sat down because of your hard efforts, some sat down in the morning and few others camel sat down once you came out from their place.


Life’s problems are like camel only. Some problem disappears because of our hard efforts, some problems in our life take so much time to disappear in spite of our daily efforts and there are some problems which disappear with the passage of time or by their own.

At a given point of time, there will be one or the other kind of problems in life. Idea is not to keep on worrying about the same. If that would have been the case, then the caretaker of camel would not have been able to sleep even for a single minute.

So enjoy in all the situations of life. Always remain happy. Problem is a part of life and it will keep on coming and going. Problem comes to teach us something in life. Problems and challenges make us stronger. Difficulties and obstacles are our teachers.

Life is always in motion. Planets are in motion, Galaxy is in motion, and Respiratory system is in motion. Thus nothing is constant everything is moving. So your problem will also go away.

“Locks are never manufactured without a key”

Similarly GOD never gives problems without solutions. We need to have patience to Unlock them…

That’s why “Just enjoy your life” Go home, enjoy every moment of your life with your family. Do your best efforts and you will be blessed with so many solutions surrounding you.

The moment this story was over, Rahul started relating that story to his own life and understood that “Problem brings learning experience to improve our life for accomplish good work. So be happy, be jolly and be cheerful always in all the situation and condition because nothing is permanent, everything is changing continuously”

I hope you must have liked this story. Just share it with as many people as you can. Since you took out your time and read it, so many thanks for the same.


  1. True… Just try to live in with the situation… guarantee the best thing will happen again… never give up in life specially the Hopes… love all Serve all…


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