Every life has a story, and a “The End”….!

BTG 11

Situation & condition cannot always be in your favour or support you. Life is always full of uncertainty because of the movement and change in every second in life with the law of polarity.

We have only one life as a human being. Please think deeply, on a daily basis how many hours do we live with joy and fun as compared to finding problems within our surrounding companions or fighting or arguing with them.

One day we will have to die, one by one…..nobody knows on which day and date! we will never see again all the people surrounding us..!

After our death, we will not have a chance to see ourself in the mirror , we will not have any chance to have fun,love & education with our parents, with our spouse, with our children, or with our relatives,we will not have any challenges or problems, we will not get an opportunity or reason to cry, we will not have a smile on our face, we will not sing a song in the bathroom, we will not wakeup  when our little babies cry at midnight, we will not have any issues with our boss, we will not complain about government services of our nation,  we will not have dinner with our family, we will not celebrate our regional festivals, we will not see our parents, we will not see another winter or sunrise, we can’t go to school or university, we will not be in a position to say “ I love you to our friends/spouse/parents“, we will not be in position to go to the gym, we can’t say cheers with glass full of beer or wine with friends, we will not see this beautiful planet earth, sun,moon, birds, animals,……….and so many other things.

Look around you, spend some time alone with nature, and you will realise that life is beautiful, and we have so many things in our life to celebrate, to live with joy and fun…!

Nothing is permanent in this universe, everything is changing on a continued basis. If today things are not as per your wish or desire, don’t worry and don’t waste your precious time. Always remember and say to yourself these words, “ this too shall pass“. Have fun, sing a song and dance alone or with someone, go out some place for few hours, and you will see that  things will change automatically in some time and you will feel better than good….believe in your self. If not than who will believe in you. Try it..go out.! Have some change because change is constant.

Are you changing yourself from your thoughts and self talk….ask yourself?

If today you are so happy and enjoying your life then remember nothing is permanent “ this too shall pass” .because change is constant.

Always enjoy each and every moment of your life by helping as many people in getting what they want, you will definitely get what you want, sooner or later.That’s the universal law. You shall reap what you Sow.…it’s just a matter of (time) manifestation period.

Don’t waste your time in worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow is gong to pass any how and it will become your past ! If possible live your life with fun and joy at this moment, which will have to pass or go!!!!

Every life have a story, and a “The End“….we all have only one life with so many stories. The script is already written. Question is how well we perform our role as an actor, before our producer and director says its time to pack up or  The End.

Wishing you all A Merry Christmas and a better than good life.

And remember ” this too shall pass




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