Personality development

Individuals differ from each other yet are the same within themselves. They tend to focus on two qualities; exclusivity and consistency

We all have traits, qualities  and characteristics of personality that are relatively stable and consistent over time, and we all have states, temporary emotional responses to specific situations.

A number of things, including genetics, environment, culture, birth order, and gender, influence our personality. We’re likely to share some of the same personality traits with people in our blood relation or families who share the same birth order.

for example: Middle children tend to be diplomats, while last-born are the insurgents-with or without cause. Having been picked on and dominated by first-born, later children are more likely to be open to new ideas and experience.  Later born children are also more agreeable and more sociable-first born may be most likely to achieve, but later born are clearly most popular.

The uniqueness of our own personality and the diversity of personality traits within each gender far overshadow any personality differences based on gender.

In every study in every country, women score higher on agreeableness, and lower on resentment, than men. To be specific, about 84% of women score higher on measures of the ability to get along with others than the average man.

Because of social equality issues aside, men seem to develop personality traits that encourage risk-taking, and in general, risk taking jobs often pay more.

Our culture shapes the development of our personality in big way infect many ways. following our parenting strategies,behaviour,communication patterns,words,tradition, values, and social rituals. We closely observe our friend and adopt their behaviour and culture too. same as with our religion,caste,state,….

Researchers found that certain aspects of our personality do change gradually but consistently as the circumstances in our lives change. In dictionary there are 18000 adjectives that could describe personality characteristics.

Our personalities also change the brain’s wiring; hence , our personalities can change with our experiences.

Personality is the sum of all the unique psychological qualities that influence an individual’s behaviour across situation and time.

Understanding personality traits gives us a sense of who we are and help us to understand the behaviour of people around us.



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