Better than good Life….My Future is not equal to my past..!! Your Yesterday was not equal to your Tomorrow !

raj btg maan ka

Many times in spite of our so much hard efforts, we will not get results as per our need or desire, that generates feelings of anger and more frustration which leads to attract more anger. As we are a human being and we born to live for expectation. We can’t live without expectation from everything and from everyone.

But God gave us certain faculties by which we can learn many things through our daily routine practice to change our inner world to change our outer circumstances & results to live a better than good life.

I have changed the way of looking of my outer world by changing my attitude towards life in a different way to generate feelings of accepting the things as it is. By acknowledging it! My past was not equal to my future. Now I have more experience to do the things in a different way and I learn more everyday and go ahead further to do more in a different New way. I believe in KARMA, my belief is in believing abundance supply from Universe.

God, Universe always surprise me by giving something better than good against what I expect, some thing New. Always! why because change is constant, everything is changing every second so as you and I.

Everything is moving absolutely nothing is rest.

Do your best, put your hard efforts on your work CONSISTENTLY everyday.

Develop new successful habits through practice by accepting and acknowledging pain. change your multitude of Habits i.e. Paradigm by braking fear barrier of doing new things in different ways. Challenge your self. Its your life and only you are responsible for your life to make it successful or miserable.

Do your best efforts and then LET GO & LET GOD !….

I wish everybody a better than good life!



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